Friday, August 22, 2008

Those Trannys

No matter how many times I tell her not to, my mother sends me email forwards. I may be reading too much into them, but I find them passive aggressive. Many threaten death and years of bad luck if you don't forward them on - why would she want to put me in that position? Others open with hearts and flowers and pictures of holding hands. These say things like, forward this on to the ten people you love the most and don't want to forget about in 2008 so they know they are loved. I have never sent one of these back to her. Forwarding a mass email love poem on threat of death is like sending someone a used Hallmark card.

Last night a tranny girl sitting next to me on the subway pulled a knife! She called some girl who didn't speak english a fat pig bitch. Then she sat down beside me and pulled out this knife and started waving it. Her tranny friend tried to calm her down. She was screaming that the knife was totally legal to have on her because it was only four inches long and I was trying to stay out of it and not look and I thought she was talking about the length of her penis. She was encouraged to exit the train at the next stop by a man with tattoos and an infant. No one was hurt.